Developed instruments
Developed analytical procedures
Capillary electrophoresis      Capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector
       We are aiming at providing simple and cost-effective solutions for food control and environmental monitoring applications. These solutions are adapted to widespread use even when only modest financial resource and limited expertise are available. Our complete solution panel includes 1) to provide custom-oriented simple and inexpensive instruments for infrastructure support, 2) to incorporate these instruments into different education and training programs to provide (local) skillful human resources and 3) to develop methodologies for different community-concerned food and environment quality control applications.
      Technically, our instrumentation approach is based on compact and simplified capillary electrophoresis (CE) and capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection (C4D). While commercial instruments based on CE-C4D principle are readily available, their bulky dimensions and heavy weights, with complicated operations and costly (often unaffordable) prices do not allow their widespread deployment for popular use. To overcome this, our team, issued from the research group that produced the first portable CE versions in the world and is now among the best ones in C4D conception, has been downscaling and simplifying CE-C4D while adding some more user-friendly features to our developed versions.